Caroline Coon – Moves Like Jagger!

A great shot of Caroline Coon from the 1970’s that appeared in Fiesta and was taken by Terry Sparks, which also had an accompanying little story from Terry about Caroline and her friend, which will make the above title a little clearer. Story from Terry below:

Also enclosed is one of my shots of Caroline Coon scanned from a page in Fiesta. I worked with her several times and I got to know her quite well and one day she brought her flatmate in to see me, an American girl called Marsha Hunt. Marsha was desperate for money and so I did a stills session with her and also an 8mm Glamour film shot at Ewhurst. She was very difficult to work with, full of her own importance and not really wanting to be photographed but needed the cash. A few weeks later she landed a part in the original London stage production of Hair and then later she met Mick Jagger and they had a child called Karis.  I knew Mick Jagger vaguely as we both attended the same Grammar School, although he was a few years behind me.  As  far as I know, none of my pics of Marsha were ever published, I have a suspicion she may have done a deal with Russell Gay after landing her part in Hair, but I am only guessing.

I just love these little stories that come from Terry with his pictures as they give us a snapshot of things back then.  Terry calls them bits of useless information, but I disagree 🙂


Kamera Calendar, May 1969

The May page of the 1969 Kamera Calendar features an attractive unknown model posing in fetching yellow slacks on a chair in what might be GHM’s flat.  I don’t know who this model is, but also have a cracking original shot of her from Kevin to post shortly.  In the meantime anyone know who she is?


June Simpson – Mirror Mirror on The Wall! (Original)

And June Simpson is definitely the fairest of them all! A perfectly framed original from Kevin of June Simpson by Harrison Marks posing in front of a mirror in his Gerrard Street flat from the late 1950’s. You see a great profile of her body and exposed tits in the main shot and a clear shot of her face in the mirror reflection. A cleaver but stunning shot and Thanks to Kevin for sending it over.


June Palmer – Laying Low (Original)

Another original shot of a younger June, this time in a pose as she lies on the floor in a red open top. The quality of this original 35mm negative in a plain mount from Kevin wasn’t the best I’ve seen and very faded and rough around the edges, but hopefully restored enough for everyone to enjoy.


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Bobby Sparrow – Heart Shaped Heaven! (Original)

The final three fun filled shots of Bobby Sparrow taken by Terry Sparks at Pegwell Bay, Kent in 1972. These shots sure show Bobby as the model Terry remembers a ‘very lively girl and good fun to have a laugh with’ and we also get a great view of her pussy trimmed in the shape of a heart! The final two are fantastic shots, as any photographer will know trying to capture motion, let alone water splashes is hard at the best of times, but Terry nails it in these photo’s of Bobby. Not only is Bobby in focus, but so are the water splashes, which give the shots a real sense of movement and fun.

Brilliant shots and thanks to Terry for a great set of Bobby 🙂


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.