Xmas Cracker – Britt Hampshire

We start the week with a very perky Britt Hampshire as the Xmas cracker. Seen her with very perky puffies and full bush in front of the fireplace surrounded by Xmas decorations and a sheepskin rug! Scanned from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’ by Harrison Marks

Xmas Cracker – Dolores Alverez

Even more muff from today’s Xmas Cracker, this time ear muffs!  Dolores Alverez by Harrison Marks amongst the baubles from the back page of Fiesta Spring Special (1957), yes Spring!  Posing with yet another strategically placed hand warmer!

Xmas Cracker – Nicky Stevens

Today’s Xmas Cracker is Nicky Stevens from the pages of Rogue Magazine Vol.20 No.15 (December, 1968). Posing in nothing more than matching hat, hand warmer and boots next to a post box! That reminds me must post my Xmas cards before it’s too late!

Enjoy today’s cracker!