Ann Wilson – Benchmark Beauty!

The exquisite form of Ann Wilson by Harrison Marks. Posing leaning on a bench in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor near the pond I just love this shot. The pose showing off the perfect lines of Ann’s body, those small perky tits down to the smooth pussy with just a hint of slit. You’ve got to love a redhead too 😉

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  1. Oh yes! This is right up my street. A slender curvaceous young woman naked in a natural setting . Wonderful – and well done the photographer too!

  2. Lovely girl, elegant pose, tasteful nude photography at its finest!

  3. Perky seems to be an overworked word!

  4. Very nice shot of Ann perky tits and nice bench.

  5. What a glorious image, it reminds me of the day when glamour model were glamorous, not like the pumped up, pierced, tattoed and aggressive lookng creatures we see today. Taken at Ewhurst which again is a building that harks back to the day when we could build stylish. This picture has it all.

  6. Pretty face, lovely hair, super tits and figure with nice show of slit. Never seen an Ann Wilson pose where she is not perfectly shaved, made up, poised and professional.
    9.9 out of 10….

  7. Absolute perfection. Beautiful body. Class photography.

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