Xmas Cracker – Dolores Alverez

Even more muff from today’s Xmas Cracker, this time ear muffs!  Dolores Alverez by Harrison Marks amongst the baubles from the back page of Fiesta Spring Special (1957), yes Spring!  Posing with yet another strategically placed hand warmer!

Fiesta Spring Special 1957 – Front & Back Covers

I recently acquired a very good condition copy of Fiesta Spring Special 1957 from eBay and I’m slowly starting to scan and edit the pages.  There are some great photo sets from some vintage photographers, so I’ll share those as I scan them.  To start here are the front and back covers inside and out … Enjoy!

Fiesta Spring Special Front Cover & Inside Front Cover
Back Cover (Maxine From Harrison Marks) & Inside Back Cover