Down and Out Again!

Sorry everyone site updates are on hold for now. Another gallbladder attack has put me in hospital again, but this time it was removed.

I’m on the mend but got to focus on my recovery for now. But as they say I’ll be back!



Dawn’s Daring Duo

The final daily Dawn and one from my huge collection of contact sheets and original prints I’ve bought over the last few years. Anyway it’s a shot of not just Dawn but Gloria Lomax as well posing on a black set in various poses with a plant stand and flowers between them. You can just see it behind them in this shot. Both girls are in all shots and look fabulous as they strike different poses.

Dawn worked with several other models mostly as a pair that included Gloria, Cindy Neal, Lisa Hamilton and others. You can’t beat a good duo that includes Dawn.

That’s it for the week of Daily Dawn’s maybe next week I’ll focus on another model each day?


June Palmer – Scarlet Woman!

Time for a bit of classic June Palmer and a fabulous shot of her posing in just white knickers on a chair. Love the coloured rug and scarlet curtains as a backdrop. A nice bit of leg on show as well, so one for the foot lovers out there πŸ™‚


Paula’s Big & Bouncy Pair!

If we’re talking big tits then Paula Page must be up there as having one of the biggest pairs photographed by Harrison Marks. They don’t come much bigger than these and actually not a bad shot of her either πŸ™‚