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  1. I love this site and you have some seriously good photos here.

    Thank you

  2. ReinertheRanger

    Fabulous site of classic beautiful women.Why am I unable to right click on the pics to download them to my hard drive?

  3. There seem to be a lot of broken links at the moment?
    Also, would you consider an option for members to be able to save favourite pics to a folder on the site, a la Flickr for example?
    Great site though!

  4. What links are broken and I’ll fix them if I know which? I’m not sure if I can do the favourite pics on the site, but I like the idea 🙂

  5. Wonder – How about another set of Caroline in Readers Wives? She’s every bit as good as some of the professional models you have on the site, and I’m sure her many admirers would welcome the opportunity to ogle her charms again.
    BTW, what happened with Caligula? Why has he not released more pics of the divine Christine?

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