Sonia – Beautiful & Buxom

The beautiful and buxom Sonia Ayala from a collection of 1970’s contact sheets. A figure with plenty to get your hands on and a great smile too. You can just see she is holding something, which in other shots appear to be nut crackers! The bowl below also contains various nuts to be cracked. An odd prop to pose with and she uses them to good effect in other shots too 😉


Eva Nieman – Pink & Blue Nude!

Another shot from a restored 35mm colour slide featuring Eva Nieman. Sat nude and facing the camera we get a great view of her figure. tits and hard nipples.  Again, she seems to favour a headband keeping her hair out of her face showing off that pink and blue make-up.


June Palmer – Nylons at Ewhurst

A flash of leg and stocking from June Palmer posing topless on a wicker chair. Taken on the drive at Ewhurst Manor Cottage I love June’s smile and how those knickers are tight into her waist highlighting her curves. Unfortunately I can’t quite read the writing or make on the stocking top.

This was originally sent to me by Girlymag as an individual 3½ by 5 silver gelatin print on fiber paper


Sylvana Manto – Laid Back Beauty!

Another very sophisticated and sexy view of Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) from a restored silver gelatin photo. A fabulous shot of her as she leans on one hand laying on her side giving a view of those tits and curves.

A simply stunning, sophisticated shot and just look at those lips!