Site Update – 7th March 2022

Well this site continues to misbehave although all the content now seems to be working, but still very slow and unresponsive my end!

I’ve now moved across to which is where I will now post all new content going forward and that site will eventually replace this one. A few things you need to know:

  • There are no membership options on the new site, so everyone sees everything for now. There are options to subscribe to see paid content, but I will investigate that at a later date. Meanwhile members will still have full access to everything on here until further notice. New membership on here is now no longer an option.
  • The design is slightly different, but it’s an easier site to run and update. Which for me was important as I want to spend more time posting content rather than managing the site.
  • Galleries including the models pages are coming. They are the first thing I’m converting and moving across.
  • I have over 2000 old posts to move across still, so bear with me as there may be some broken links.
  • Please bookmark the new site, so you can see the latest posts and updates.

Finally I must thank everyone for all the support and donations last week. This mean the site continues on the new platform for at least the next few years and it is really appreciated. 

So head over to the new site as several new posts today already 🙂

Time For an Early Bath!

Calling time on this week and heading for an early bath! It’s just been one of those weeks, so I leave you with this soapy rear view of Tina McLaren. Reminds me of that classic two nuns joke … Two nuns are in the bath. Nun1: Where’s the soap? Nun2: Yes, it does rather 😉

Three Go Skinny Dipping!

Teri Martine, Nicky Stevens and Alicen Warden take a dip in a rock pool at Bedruthan beach in 1966. Not the best shot of all three, but Nicky seems to be having fun, Alicen looks cold and Teri isn’t sure!