Xmas Cracker – Mary Stephan

The same festive set and location as yesterday, but this time the Xmas Cracker is Mary Stephan, otherwise known as Caroline Coon in a blonde wig! 

This one comes from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘HM – A Series of Natural Art Studies’, which I absolutely love as it’s just full of GHM models showing off their full natural bushes! Maybe that’s why it’s called Natural Art!  you can see all the images I’ve published from this series so far … Here
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  1. I think I&#39;ve mentioned before that I used to know Caroline when she ran Release. I don&#39;t think I knew about the modelling days (which were over) at that time. Probably for the best. As it was, she didn&#39;t overburden herself with clothes – miniskirts, see-through tops, etc. Great looking woman – this photograph reminds me of those fabulous legs. Among other things, of course.<br /><


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