Helga Genthe – Classic Beauty

Kicking off the 2021 Kamera Club Advent Calendar with a classic beauty in the form of Helga Genthe.

Taken by Pater Basch Helga is stunning with her long dark hair, a beautifully defined face and her body! Her body isn’t as voluptuous as some models, but the shape and curves along with her breasts with a slight up turn work perfectly in this well lit shot.

Dawn in December

Dawn Grayson on the December page of the 1965 Kamera Calendar by Harrison Marks. I posted this a few years back, but this finishes off the final page of the 1965 calendar I’ve been posting each month.

Dawn looks great in colour and is posing on the Cinderella set in her rags costume flashing one perky tit. What a cracking finish to the calendar and year πŸ™‚

Debbie’s Winter Wonderland


Debbie Winters or Wynters kneeling in a sheer baby doll negligee at Jason Studio’s. Not the best pose or view of her figure, but a nice smooth pussy and slit below the negligee on view πŸ˜‰

Thanks as always to Paul from Firebird for the 35mm negative scans.

Half Cut Cover Girl


A shot from 1968 by Serge Jacques of one of his French models that appeared in the Cover Girl magazines.

A different view in that unlike most models of the time she has a half and half view rather than fully natural or fully shaved. A style that seems to be more in keeping with women of today, tidy on top, smooth below. More open than UK views, potentially done so that viewers could see the details of the lips and still have a natural feel, maybe?

Overall, a fabulous shot of an attractive model in stockings and heels with her legs open πŸ™‚

Let’s Talk!

I’ve added a chat option on the site so you can contact me directly when I’m around. Some mails seem to be going missing or my replies disappear into the ether, so this is just another option to contact me. Be it a question, sending me a file or you just want a chat, come say hi πŸ™‚

Thought I’d use this wonderful shot of Dawn Grayson sat on a desk in sheer panties on the phone as a suitable image