Wendy Luton – Not Your Average Household Pose!

Wendy Luton looking very inviting laying there on the rug in front of the fire. Taken from the pages of ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’. This was used as an example of how a shot of a nude beauty can be enhanced by placing her in a normal household setting rather than a studio. To be honest with that figure you could put Wendy Luton in any location and she’d still catch my attention!
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  1. yes, placing the model in a household setting does change the whole thing – it&#39;s a bit like you&#39;d imagine that she&#39;s come to your house and is just sitting, or lying around, with no clothes on – what could be better? Bedroom shots (grotty old bedrooms with single beds and floral wallpaper especially) are even more enticing!<br /><br /> roop


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