Julie Collins & Her Massive Mounds! (Original)

Julie Collins posing nude by Harrison Marks as she sits astride a chair showing off her massive mounds and that fabulously full and curvy figure. I found a shot I’ve published from this set previously here, which seems to be from Parade or Carnival.

Suzi Shane in Widescreen!

Found on eBay a great shot of Suzi Shane by Harrison Marks on the living room set at Lily Place Studio’s around 1967. I’m not sure if this is the full shot as it seems to be quite wide, so possibly cropped? Either way a great top view of Suzi and loving the waist and curve of the hips in this shot.

Julie Collins – The Coy or Brash View?

A couple of shots of Julie Collins posing on the living room set at Lily place. The first a demure shot looking over her shoulder, but the second being much more up front!  The second shot reveals Julies perfect bush, highlighted perfectly by stockings and suspender belt.  

I’ve come to the conclusion the wardrobe department was fairly sparse, due to the amount of reuse amongst different models.  The above underwear set is pink and modelled here by Dawn Grayson, plus additional panties!  Even the shoes are the same!  Sad to say as a big Dawn Grayson fan, but Julie fills out that low cut bra far better than Dawn, in fact she fills out the whole outfit better!

Suzi Shane

Suzi was one of the later batch of models to appear in Kamera towards the end of its run and she appeared in Kamera No.82 and No.84 (Cover), where she appears with shorter hair and on the dungeon set. She also starred in Solo No.56.

The above shot was taken on the living room set at Lily Place Studio’s around 1967.  The long negligee/gown is a very familiar one and worn by many of the models at some point, but probably most recognisable when worn by Monique Devereux.  Another uncensored shot from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’.