Hazel Taylor & The Glorious Gong!

Hazel Taylor posing on the Mandarin/Chinese Garden set from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 (1969) by harrison Marks. The girls in this publication sure were natural and sported wonderfully full bushes for all to see with not a bit of retouching in sight thank goodness!

In The Garden With Monique

Monique Deveraux posing in the long dressing gown that she wore several times and was a well used prop with GHM.  This was from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘Harrison Marks – A Series of Natural Art Studies’ (1969) ans shows Monique in all her glory!  Takne in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor by with the small square pond in the background.

Penny Winters – What a Goddess!

Another stunning model that GHM only used on a few occasions. She appeared in Kamera No.73, Kamera on Location 66 and the glamour film ‘Favourites of the Pharoes Episode 2 – The Dance’, from which this still was taken.  Although both on location and Pharoes seem to be the same year (1966) Penny was au natural in the film but depilated for the Cornwall shoot.  

The above photo appears in the Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’ from 1969 and all images within are completely uncensored.

U is for Unknown

As in unknown model posing on the festive snow set for Harrison Marks.  I don’t recognise her at all even in that position, another lovely uncensored bush on display for Xmas!  Printed in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’, but unsure if it appeared any where else?

Marina Jones in The Great Outdoors!

The lovely Marian Jones posing against a post showing off her wonderful body and bush from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’ by Harrison Marks.  What an excellent pose showing off her figure, but again it looks a bit cold!