‘Jayne Tracey’ (8mm Film)

I came across this wonderful short Glamour film of Jayne Tracey over on Dailymotion by user gpgoogle and just had to share it!  Not only does it star one of my favourite 1960’s models stripping, but shows a brief glimpse of 1960’s central London at the beginning.

Apparently it is an early 8mm glamour film by Pete Walker (better known for his 1970’s horror films)  under his company Heritage Films, which produced a number of glamour shorts. I’ve added the title ‘The Vocalist’. but don’t believe that is the original title.

Other glamour films produced by Heritage Films that I’ve not seen, but would be interested in getting a copy are:

Dawn Grayson in “There Was An Old Lady”
Dawn Grayson in “The Burglar”
Dawn Grayson in “Dawn’s Law”
Annette Johnson in “Dream of Annette”
Annette Johnson in “008 Stripped for Action”
Jayne Tracey in “Funny Customs”
Jayne Tracey in “Tricky Tricks”
Jayne Tracey & Anne Wilson in “The Secretary’s Secret”

So if anyone out there knows where to get hold of copies please let me know?

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  1. Hi, I uploaded that one, mainly for Teri Martine to see as Jayne was a friend of hers back then. I believe the original title was simply ‘Jayne Tracey’. Walker is the man in the film, although you only really see the back of his head, I have a few more of his glamour films, including “The Intruder” w/Teri, “Black Jack”, “Top Models of the Year” (a compilation film he put out) and a few others,

    • Thanks Gav for the information really appreciate it! I knew from your &#39;Teri &amp; June&#39; post that Teri was still around, but do you know what happened to Jayne? I&#39;d love a copy of &#39;The Intruder&#39; if possible as it includes Teri or any other films you have that included models that appeared for Harrison Marks. You can contact me directly via my email on my Blogger profile.<br


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