In The Garden With Dawn & Friend (1965)


A very smiley shot of a nude Dawn Grayson and friend in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor posing for Harrison Marks. This shot appears in Kamera No.65 (1965) in which both Dawn and the other unknown model appear through-out in different locations around Ewhurst. Both also appear on the cover of an earlier vintage magazine Solis No.70, but does anyone know who the blonde is?
Not impressed with the retouching in this shot on the blonde model, although on looking at other shots, she seems to be shaven down below, so can’t have been that much to remove!


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  1. I totally agree with you re the retouching.<br /><br />Pamela Green was a great model, but a truly lousy air brusher. I have seen far worse – one in particular of Viv Warren which really was atrocious !

    • I agree too. Why all this removal of part of pretty women? They then look like cheap marble statues of the past!<br />Yet everyone would like to admire them as the beautiful women they all are shaved or not. So I believe!

  2. This was the late 1950&#39;s, so think of the attitudes which prevailed. And believe it or not, pornography ( by its definition ), is still illegal in the UK.

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