An Unknown Classic Pose! (Original)

Another shot with perfect lighting to show off the slender curves and small tits of this beauty. This is the second shot of this unknown model in a classic pose by Harrison Marks. The first was published here


A Rounded Look! (Original)

A beautiful nude unknown model looking over her shoulder in the studio. Taken by Harrison Marks I have no idea who this model is, but just love her figure and how the white background highlights her waist. A nice rounded bottom and firm tit on view too, with a perfect look on her face as she stares at  the camera.

Edit – Thanks to Billboard he found I’d already named this model as Shelia Osborne on this post. I must be losing it or getting old, but it was posted back in 2014!



A Well Oiled View!

A jump to the late 1980’s or early 90’s with this oiled up beauty. Taken from a scanned 6 x 4 print, what a beautiful smile and pair of oiled tits she is showing off!

Thanks to Paul from Firebird for scans of this oiled beauty. He’s selling them over on eBay at the moment 🙂


Front Room Fancy!

There’s something about this shot from Russell Gay I just love! I think it’s the fact it looks like she’s just stripped off in the front room, down to those white panties and stockings. Stood there giving the photographer that knowing look.

I also love that tight white suspender belt squeezing the waist in to highlight those curves. A fabulous shot from one of the masters!