June Palmer – Peek-a-Boo June! (Original)

Another original from Redheadkinpin that I’ve restored colour and removed some scratches and the second shot from this set of June in low-cut bra and see through panties. Loving the outfit including the fishnet stockings 🙂

June in Frilly Whites (Original)

Start of another small set of June from Redheadkinpin over on Tumblr from his own scans. These show June standing on what appears to be a chaise lounge in white underwear with frilly white knickers and stockings. Great shot of June’s cleavage in this one too!

Low Cut & Transparent (Original)

Another restored shot from a new source, so thanks first to Redheadkingpin over on Tumblr for allowing me to share some of his scans of original June negatives. This image has been restored and scratches removed, but the original is also included below so you can see the difference. This shot looks to have been taken at the same time as the ‘Orange Basque’ set, as the background is the same and she’s wearing the same stockings.  I do like the low cut bra and white transparent panties in this set though and unfortunately only have one more shot of this set from Redheadkingpin, unless there are others out there?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Julie Nash – Staircase To Heaven!

Julie Nash better known as Teri Martine in long dark wig seductively waiting at the top of the stairs for you! I found this over on Redheadkingpin’s Tumblr blog, where he publishes some of his original vintage negative collection, including this one. He comments that this is from an original 120 format colour negative and that it’s June Palmer posing as Teri Martine. An obvious mistake as both June and Teri posed at the same time and wore wigs and used different aliases to confuse you, but this is clearly Teri as Julie Nash.

Still a wonderful shot and I love the contrasting black stockings and red underwear in this shot and let’s not forget the wallpaper!

Thanks to Redheadkingpin for sharing 🙂