Prints for Sale

Three new sets of prints to be listed on eBay from Monday 18th February for 5 days. Please click on the thumbnails to see actual print dimension and quality, as these scans have not been edited. You can find my eBay listing here

Set 1 – Two prints of Margaret Nolan – £3.99
Set 2 – Seven Prints of Paula Page – £6.99
Set 3 – Seven Prints of Pat Davis – £6.99

Note: These are reprints that I have collected over the years NOT originals. All are 6 by 4 and printed on good quality glossy paper and as they are reprints I’ll probably sell them cheap, but any offers before I list them do let me know 🙂

Hazel Dixon Print – Still available and price dropped – £2.99

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  1. Ann Walker was one of those girls who looked very well with a short “pixie” hairstyle. Although probably a bit unfashionable at the time. In my opinion she looked better for it.

    Did she wear a wig in the long hair shots, as it certainly looked like it might have been.

  2. Good luck with it, selling can be demanding – one thing… you will get to know the people at your local Post Office very well.

  3. Paula Page is incredibly impacting 😀


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