It’s Pinky & Perky Time!

The beautiful Pinky Sands by Harrison Marks posing in the front room by the fireplace. Great slender figure and small perky tit on show. Would that make it Pinky & Perky 🙂

My Mum had a star clock like that as well and it’s probably in my loft and back in fashion now.

October – The Monster Month!

The October page of the 1965 Kamera Calendar by Harrison Marks featuring Wendy Luton. Posing on the Dungeon set Wendy looks rather elegant with her swept back hair and slim naked body. Mind you anything would look good against a dungeon backdrop and that monster. I notice the red devil head bust makes an appearance in the background as well.

Wendy also appeared in the 8mm glamour film Vampire with Harrison Marks as the vampire, so she obviously had a thing for monsters 🙂

Gwen Ford – A Cat’s View!

Another shot of Gwen Ford posing on the bed in the flat of Harrison Marks from an original negative. Gwen appears twice in the 1965 Kamera Special No.5, both shots of her posing in GHM’s flat on a bed as above, but this rear view doesn’t appear. 

Great view of Gwen’s rounded rear 🙂

I’m Back & Site Update

So the good news .. I’m Back! After an extended break and holiday I’m back and well on the way to recovery. The gallbladder has gone and for the first time in months I’m pain free and starting to feel like my old self 🙂

Now the not so good news … The last 5 weeks gave me a lot of time to recover and think about things including my website and little hobby. It’s never been in doubt my love for the vintage glamour I’ve posted for more than 8 years and the positive feedback from everyone on the images and models I post. As those that have been with the site over that time you will have seen it grow and improve, but that also takes it’s toll. What started as a hobby now consumes more and more of my time curating the images and negatives, posting them to the site and dealing with all the fabulous comments and feedback. My illness made me look at things in a different light and where and what I need to focus on in the future. So I’ve decided to make some changes going forward.

The site will continue for now, but in a reduced format and focus on daily posts of images and maintaining the model and photographer lists. So back to were I started 🙂
Other parts of the site will be retired to make my life simpler. Also membership options will come to an end over the next few months for new membership. Existing members will continue to have exclusive access to the archive and new posts as they do now.

From a site cost point of view the hosting is paid up until January 2023, so the site as is will run until then. So before that expiry I need to make a decision on where I go with the site if I continue at all. The thought of the site closing and all the images and work disappearing completely doesn’t sit well with me, but needs to be considered. Other than that I need to look at all the options available to me ready for January 2023.

Hopefully those that know me will fully understand where I am coming from and appreciate that this was not an easy decision. But the last 12 months of on and off illness and a Pandemic have made me re-assess priorities going forward. No changes for now other than I’ll start to scale back things.

Finally to everyone a big thank you for all the messages of support during my illness as they were all read and appreciated even if I didn’t respond. Also a big thank you to everyone that has supported the site over the years. It’s been an absolute pleasure communicating with you all and enjoying all the comments and images that have been shared.