Another Unplanned Hiatus

Sorry everyone but another unplanned hiatus on posts for the site I’m afraid 🙁

I was again rushed into hospital last Saturday with an ongoing medical issue and here I remain. It looks likely I’ll be out of action for a few weeks while this is resolved, so the site will be quiet. Hopefully once I’m fit normal service will be resumed.


Erica – The Look!

Shot number 7 of Erica by Harrison Marks from a set silver gelatin prints.  This time a standing shot allowing us to see all of her bumps and curves and a very knowing look. All the shots from this set are now published here.


Maria Frost – Beauty in Black

The beautiful Maria Frost posing topless in black panties. From a set of 35mm black and white negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird records. A great pose from her leaning back on tiptoes to stretch out and highlight her figure 🙂


Val Van Dotson – Something Good to Watch!

A shot from an original negative of Val Van Dotson by Arthur Howell. Val also appeared in Arthur’s short film with June Palmer called ‘Brides in the Bath’. This is a much better view of Val and much better than what’s on TV 🙂