Teri on The Rocks!


The stunning Teri Martine by Harrison Marks taken in 1966 at Bedruthan Beach, Cornwall. Kneeling amongst the rocks and mussels on the beach we great a great view of Teri’s naked body and the sea behind her!

Although taken as part of the 1966 trip to Cornwall with several other models over two weeks, this shot doesn’t appear in Kamera on Location 66. Nor does it feature in Solo No.52 featuring Teri, so it does make you wonder why such a great shot didn’t make either?

The Many Dimensions of Tina

A very different view of Tina Graham for today and the model of the week. Time to get your old red/cyan 3D glasses out and enjoy Tina in full 3D glory. This is a particularly good one with Tina standing out from the bed and then the roses really coming out at you from the screen.

I must say her tits and body look pretty good in 3D too 😉

Tina’s Slight Over Exposure

Tina Graham by Harrison Marks on the beach set exposing a little more than normal! Similar to the these shots from the same set, but this time a slightly more open view. What a great set of lips ?

Tina is also the model of the week, so expect to see more of her either as Tina or Christine Carter or Chris Williams, whichever name she went by. Although she was always referred to as Tina in GHM publications.