Elaine Desmond – Great Ass, Filthy Feet! (Original)

I always find it fascinating when I come across an image of a model published in Kamera and I have a copy of the original to compare it with. This is another good example of Elaine Desmond published in Kamera No.51 P 22 (1963).  
This is the scan from the original negative, so much crisper and clearer than the magazine image. Taken on the loft set by GHM it shows Elaine kneel naked on a wooden box covered with old papers. A fabulous view of her nice round arse and one round puffy tit. Not too sure about the dirty feet though.
Another perfect pose on a fabulous set by the master in the prime of his career, depending on your view of when he did his best work ๐Ÿ™‚

Dolly Birds of Britain – Cheryl (Video)

I thought I’d cheer everyone up today with a new glamour film by Harrison Marks for your pleasure. This is a later film from his catalogue and comes from the series titled ‘Dolly Birds of Britain’

This one is titled ‘Cheryl’ and features the fabulous figure of Cheryl Peters. Not much of a story or explanation required other than Cheryl seems to be entertaining a friend in very little. I’ve done a few screen caps from the film and finally a big thank you must go to MadMax for sharing his huge GHM film collection with me and of course the site.

Members can enjoy the film below ๐Ÿ˜‰



Items for Sale (eBay)

If anyone is interested I also sell some of my original slides and negatives over on eBay. I’m currently selling various Esquire slides including several of Eve Eden, Sylvana Manto and others. All are sold at a reasonable starting price and postage, with all funds from sales going back into the site.

You can find the link to my eBay page here


Site News!

Well I took the plunge and the rebuilt site is live! Hopefully you wonโ€™t notice the difference other than a few cosmetic changes. A few things to consider

  1. Usernames and passwords should still work โ€“ Any issues you can reset your password here or contact me here and Iโ€™ll sort you out.
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Finally everything else should be there but if not please let me know if you find anything else missing or broken.


Classic Lorraine! (Original)

A brilliant shot and pose of Lorraine Burnett by Russell Gay from an original print in my collection. I just love the fancy stockings and pearl necklace in this shot, plus the tin foil background, which in colour shots seems to have a multi-coloured look to it. Classic Lorraine in the way she looks and poses and this shot probably appeared in either Model or QT, both published by Gay.