The Man & His Muse

The man himself, Harrison Marks with Jennifer Garland from the opening page of Kamera Backstage (1959). There are numerous shots of the GHM taking photo’s of all the lovely models that worked for him, but I tended to focus on the models rather than GHM for some reason. This shot as he says himself in the editorial has him looking rather sinister, but it’s a good one and includes Jennifer, so why not!

Jennifer Garland & A Pearl Necklace!

Jennifer Garland by Harrison Marks from an early Kamera edition, probably around the late 1950’s.  A visually beautiful shot of Jennifer and those great tits with a pearl necklace!  Just for good measure the obligatory sheepskin rug is thrown in for good measure, just a shame the pubic region is retouched!

Jennifer’s Juggs!

OK, I’m running short on imagination with the titles, but a wonderful shot of Jennifer Garland by Harrison Marks and her big bosom!  Looking through other shots of JG it seems that she used her upper arms a lot to squeeze and plump up her breasts, not that she needed to do so! And there’s that well used sheepskin rug again 🙂