Linda QSL (Readers Wives)

It’s been a while, but a cheeky return of Linda from QSL Guys to the readers wives section.  It’s always good to see Linda and that curvy figure of hers and now you can see even more of her and I do mean even more1 Linda now has a Twitter feed and a Fans Only page for those naughtier images and chats directly with Linda 😉

It seems lockdown has brought out the confident and naughty side of Linda and that is benefiting us all! Members get to see a couple of cheeky views of Linda and more of what you can expect to see over on her Only Fans page! Great to see Linda again and thanks to Chris as well 🙂

Mrs Cherry – New Artwork & More Views!

It’s about time we had some more Mrs Cherry on here and it’s perfect timing as she’s got some great new photo’s and some fantastic new artwork being launched. The above artwork is none other than Mrs C herself captured by the very talented @Hardroundbrush from over on twitter. What a fantastic image and I just love the colouring and style and for those of us that know Mrs C it’s a very good likeness in more than one way 😉

No only is Mrs C returning to grace my site here, but she’s also decided to launch her own ‘Only Fans’ site and you can see the banner for her new site above plus it links to her page, so go take a look and join up if you wish. Not only will you get more juicy shots of the gorgeous Mrs C but more cheeky chat and interaction! I’ve included below a few images from one of her new sets with a ‘silver bullet’ as a teaser!

A Big Thank You as always to Mrs Cherry for sending over her images to share here and she will continue to make gust appearances here for all her fans, but do go take a look at her Twitter and ‘Only Fans’ pages.

Finally, Thanks to @Hardroundbrush for his fabulous artwork and look out for a post about some news and collaboration with him in the future 😉

QSL Guys – What A Lovely Wench! (Readers Wives)

The long overdue return of the stunning L from QSL Guys with another set of 9 delicious shots. This time L posing in an absolutely fantastic outfit that reminds me of a serving wench from days gone by. I love the whole look from the white ruffled blouse, tight fitting leather style dress and down to the stockings and heels, perfect! L seems to pop out of this outfit at just the right times throughout the set.

For those that follow QSL Guys over on Flickr, these are different from the ones posted there and exclusive to my site. And members get to see several extra shots of L that are slightly more delicious and revealing.

Thanks as always to QSL Guys for these fabulous views of L ?

Mrs C – Vintage Suede!

A welcome return to Mrs C with a new set of photo’s and a new vintage outfit. A suede tasselled outfit is very in keeping with the 1960’s style. It sure fits Mrs C in all the right places. In fact things seem to be popping out all over the place for members to see and good to see Mrs C keeping everything natural and authentic 😉

Thanks as always to the fabulous Mrs C for sharing this set and teasing us with her tassels.