Back With June Palmer (1965)

I’m back off my Hols! So thought I’d kick things off again with a cheeky rear view shot of June Palmer from Kamera No.69 P14 (1965) as she looks over her shoulder. Taken by Harrison Marks this is from a series of Photo’s of June posing on the Roman Bath set in dark Cleopatra like wig.

June Palmer – Kamera No.69 (1965)

A Cleopatra-esque June Palmer on the Roman Bath set from Kamera No.69 P43 (1965). A very seductive look from her, plus we get to see almost all of her tits through the sheer dress material. Kamera No.69 was a popular edition for June, as she not only appears on the cover, but also on 12 of the 48 pages inside.