Sophia Dawn by Russell Gay

Sophia Dawn by Russell Gay, Dated as 1957, But More Likely To Be Mid 1960’s (Source: hoodoothatvoodoo)
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  1. william portland

    The earliest published photo of Sophie Dawn that I know of is in Parade #1148, 9th December 1961.<br /><br />The earliest photo of her in QT, Russell Gay&#39;s main outlet is in #63 which I date to March 1963.<br /><br />So I think the 1957 date in this picture in most unlikely. Sophie&#39;s modelling career is likely to start in 1961 and extend to no later than 1964.

    • William,<br /><br />I was a bit dubious about the date to be honest, but hadn&#39;t had time to investigate further. Thanks for all the info on Sophia as it&#39;s appreciated and please feel free to send on any other information you may have :)<br /><br />Cheers, <br /><br />Wonder<br /><br />

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