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Born on the 4th August 1940 in Bromley, Kent little did her parents know the impact that in later years she was to make on the male population, both at home and abroad. With June Palmer’s fabulous figure, hair and face, she was the stuff boys and men dreamt of. During the 1960’s June Palmer’s pin-up poses adorned many a wall, locker door, or workshop coffee room table in one of the many magazines she appeared in.

Although June Palmer was often associated with George Harrison Marks, there was another partnership less well known. That of June Palmer and Arthur Howell, the man who both discovered and later married her. Although they were together for about ten years, they ran Strobe Studios above a Photo Mart shop in Clapham, London from the 1950’s until the late 1980’s.  June used to take a great interest in the photo’s taken of her at strobe and not only posed herself many times, but also had a string of well known models on the books at Strobe.  These models are said to have included Mary Maxted (Millington) and Ava Cadell during the 1970’s.

June stopped professionally modelling for magazines in 1970 at the age of 30 (apart from a brief return in 1976). By this time she had become a successful model agent and was running Strobe Studios with Arthur, but she continued to do private modelling from Strobe and ScottLee studios for London’s various camera clubs until the early 1980’s. She also continued to do private work up until late 1987, but shortly after that gave up modelling completely when she married her second husband David Milan.  June died suddenly on 6th January 2004 after a short illness, but left behind a modelling legacy that still endures today and sees images of her throughout her career as popular as ever. Her marathon career was motivated in no small measure by personal satisfaction. Anyone who photographed her will testify to her professionalism and dedication, and to the fact that June loved doing nude work.

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Real Name: June Margaret Palmer
Modelling Aliases: June Power. When June wore the strawberry blonde wig, she went under the name Joanne Kent, the black short wig she became Rachel Wells and the Silver wig she was Candy.
Date of Birth: August 4th, 1940 Died: 6th January 2004
Measurements: 38-24-37 & 42-30-38 (1978)
Height: 5′ 2¼” (1.58m)
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour (Natural): Brown
Hair Colour (Dyed): Brown-Auburn
Post-Modelling Occupations: Model Agent and Photo studio proprietor (with Arthur Howell)
Spouses: Arthur Howell (1964-2000) & David C. Milan


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Album Modelstudier No.72. & No.73 (Harrison Marks Reprints)
All Man, Sept 68
Apartment 10. (Harrison Marks Reprint)
Bachelor’s Best, 1968 (Cover)
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Best for Men Vol.5 No.4
Bizarre, Jul 2002 (GHM retrospective)
Bouncy Babes No.4 (Cover)
Breeze 2
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Carnival Parade, Oct 65
Cavalcade Annual 1968
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Dude Magazine (March 1965)
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Fiesta Special Collectors Edition: Top Glamour Models of the 50’s. (Harrison Marks Reprint)
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Girly No.4 & 16
H&E Spring Number 1963 (Cover)
H&E Winter Quarterly No.1 (Cover)
H&E Autumn Quarterly No.4 (Cover)
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Jem Vol.4 No.4 (Cover) & Vol.7 No.5
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Kamera Special – The Fabulous June Palmer, 1964
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Model No.4, 19 (Cover), 23 (Cover) & 35
Model Magazine – Winter Indoor Edition (1967)
Modern Man Feb 1960, Mar 1962 (Cover), Jan 1963, Feb 1964 (Cover), Aug 1966, Dec 1966 & July 1967 (Safe Shoes Poster)
Modern Man deluxe Quarterly, Winter 69 (Cover)
Mr. Annual, Fall 1964 (Cover)
National Bulletin Magazine Vol.7 No.31 (Cover)
Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1
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Parade No.1244 Supplement Cover (12th Oct 1963)
Paris Et De Hollywood No.332
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Pin-up No.2
Private Collection V1 N2
Pussy Cat No.2
QT No.36, 39, 54, 56, 62, 71 & 72
Rogue (Apr 1962)
Salon Photography No.75
Scarlet Vol.1 No.1 (Cover)
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South Sea, Mar 1964
Spick – Various
Span – Various
Spick & Span Extra
Strip Lingerie 7, 8, 22 & 23
Tab, Dec 61 (Cover)
Titbits No.4300 (Cover)
Topper Annual
Wild Vol.2 No.1

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