Eve Eden – In The Good Old Summertime

Several shots of Eve Eden from a magazine shoot, which I’ve not yet been able to identify.  The location of the shots is easier to pinpoint as it’s outside the front of Ewhurst Manor and gardens.

Found the original it comes from Carnival (August 1965)
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  1. Although I might be quite wrong about this, the captions have the look of those used in &quot;Parade&quot; or its monthly version, &quot;Carnival&quot;?<br />It was in these two, relatively inexpensive – 1s and 2/6d respectively – publications that I first encountered so many of these lovely girls almost a lifetime ago. Ah, Happy Days!<br />Rosa Domaille/Eve Eden had a terrific figure – the

    • Good call on both counts Alexei as it could well be Parade or Carnival, I just wondered if anyone can identify which issue specifically as I do like to be accurate on issues etc. when I can. I also agree with the hourglass figure of Eve Eden, perfect in all aspects 🙂


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