Lorraine Burnett in Just a Necklace!

I just love this shot of Lorraine Burnett with her perfectly placed hand!  I don’t know where this originated, but looking at the shape and size of the image I’d guess from a Russell Gay publication such as Amber or QT, maybe the centrefold?  I think the shot had already been edited as all I did was some minor colour adjustments, so someone else did a fine restoration job on it first.  I have other similar shots of Lorraine with his hair style and necklace, but this one just jumps out at me.
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  1. I posted this image around two years ago (estimated) on the My Archives website. Cant remember where I got it from, but if the site does get resurrected you can see for yourself, assuming the galleries remain intact. I also have over fifty different covers which show Lorraine so it would be difficult to pinpoint her to one magazine, although she must have posed for hundreds of magazines and

    • Thanks Phil I've had the image a while myself, but don't recall it coming from My Archives, but then I must have 100's of LB images myself I've collected over the years and as you say she was probably one of the most photographed models at the time.

  2. This image strongly resembles the image of the Martian female in the White House scene from the movie Mars Attacks.<br />

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