Julie Collins – Girl Illustrated No.12

A double page spread of Julie Collins from Girl Illustrated Vol.1 No.12 (1967) What an inviting bed that looks!
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  1. The pillows look inviting too!<br />(Incidental to being a student of glamour pictures from that &#39;Fifties/&#39;Sixties era, one also becomes something of a connoisseur/critic of wallpaper patterns. I can&#39;t say I like this one, although some are much worse and of mind-blowing awfulness).<br />Alexei

    • Are you referring to the actual pillows or the metaphorical pillows of Julie herself 😉 and trust me I&#39;ve got some June Palmer images from the 60&#39;s that put this wallpaper to shame and all in glorious technicolor!

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