Lorraine Burnett – QT Beauty

Lorraine Burnett as the QT Beauty from the centre pages of QT No.13 by Russell Gay. Strategically placed bow and long blond hair covering the essential bits!

Anyone have a date for this magazine, or any of the other QT magazines, as they don’t seem to have publication dates in them?
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  1. For dating issues of QT our Rosetta stone is an advert on page 13 of QT#24 for a 1960 pin-up calendar. I think that must date this issue to December 1959, give or take a month. I think we can also assume that QT came out every month as there were annual subscriptions on offer. Under these assumptions, QT#01 is dated to January 1958, and your QT#13 to January 1959.

  2. she hadn&#39;t perfected her pout yet, showing off her nicely gappy teeth here<br /><br /> roop


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