Eileen Sheridan – QT No.13

Eileen Sheridan from the inside back cover of QT No.13 (1959?). 

The interesting fact about Eileen is she was the first winner of the Miss United Kingdom title in 1958. So if the timelines are correct, she did this either just before or just after winning the title, I wonder if they knew! She also won the Miss Great Britain title in 1960 and was also known for her association with the London underworld ‘firm’ headed by the Kray twins. A very colourful early career indeed!

Lorraine Burnett – QT Beauty

Lorraine Burnett as the QT Beauty from the centre pages of QT No.13 by Russell Gay. Strategically placed bow and long blond hair covering the essential bits!

Anyone have a date for this magazine, or any of the other QT magazines, as they don’t seem to have publication dates in them?