Dawn Grayson – Lady In The Lake

Beautiful shot of Dawn Grayson in long negligee posing knee deep in a lake from ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ (1964). I’m not sure I’d be that happy posing in the water like that, but all for one’s art!
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  1. Not certain, but I think that house in the background could be Ewhurst.

  2. Ed Alexander did indeed take photoshoots at Ewhurst, but I don't think this is one of them, in spite of the similar Tudor imitation timbering on the walls of the building. EA often used this empty (or nearly empty) swimming pool and I'll forward to Wonder this setting with Wendy Luton and with Annette Johnson in the foreground. There was a pond at Ewhurst, but it was much smaller and

  3. Annette Johnson also did pics at a property that was in the Tudor Mansion style and although very similar to Ewhurst, the pictures would suggest a larger and more grand property. I t would be interesting if anyone has any knowledge of this in terms of name, location etc

  4. Another point of note, ( assuming I am correct ), is that the building behind Ms Grayson looks to have a thatched roof whereas Ewhurst was clay tiled

    • It is thatched and Portland has sent through some other examples of the location to me, I've just not published them yet, give me chance 🙂 I'd love to know the location as well as curious as to where it is. From the style of Cottage it could be anywhere, but it looks Elizabethan style to me.

    • Also looking at other shots from Ed Alexander I would hazard a guess at saying it may not have been a house completely but a barn as well. Other shots from the same publication show out buildings with hay insiude but the same style windows. Very curious indeed!

  5. Interesting comments and discussion. <br /><br />I just wonder though….. here we have a beautiful, partly clad woman frolicking in the pond….. yet here we are discussing the building in the background!! We MUST be getting old!!! 🙁

  6. Elizabeth 1, was a Tudor………………………………boom, boom

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