Pamela Green – Drift Wood Pose (1958)

You can’t beat some good wood as a prop in a glamour pose and this shot is no different! Pamela Green posing beside some drift wood on a beach in the Isles of Scilly from Kamera on Location (1958). Pam looks stunning in these shots of her wearing the long darks wig and there something about them makes them stand out from other times she was posed in a dark wig. I think it may well be the use of the make-up with the fuller lips and dark eyelashes that make them differ. To most it may well not be obvious that it’s Pamela Green without the familiar long blonde locks!

Marie Deveraux – Through The Valleys of Sand! (1958)

A view from above of Marie Deveraux laying back covered in sand from Kamera on Location (1958). Taken on location in the Isles of Scilly by Harrison Marks this is a great shot of Marie, but I can’t work out if it’s been retouched. I think she was clean shaven below, but the angle of this shot looks off, but there is sand in places down there! 

Tantalizing Tina (1964)

Tina Graham (Christine Carter) in the reflection of a mirror looking very serious! Taken by Ed Alexander and published as part of his book – Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties. He seems to have had a flair for this type of shot as there are other reflection/mirror shots in the same book, all equally as enthralling.

Marie Deveraux – A Sandy Outlook (1958)

A very beachy view of Marie Deveraux from Kamera on Location (1958). Sitting topless in the sand dunes wearing  a sarong, blond wig and scarf. The scarf was obviously an accessory for the shoot as they all wore them and I know they were popular back then, but why wear both the wig and scarf? Anyway who cares about the scarf with that view 🙂

Pamela Green – The Golden Hour! (Coloured)

Another fab coloured version of an original black and white image of Pamela from Oldiznewagain, with the original image coming from Kamera on Location (1958). The colours once again really make the image stand out and give it different view from the original.