Amazons of Yesteryear!

As I’ve just posted an image of June Palmer by Stefan/Stephen Glass it seemed appropriate to highlight a new book being published by Yak over on the Pamera Green site. A different publication featuring images taken by Stephen Glass of women wrestling from the 1940’s, of all things! They appear to be amateur bare-breasted women in various wrestling poses, which Yak has aptly title ‘Amazons of Yesteryear’. Maybe a different hardback book for Christmas this yeat and that would be a conversation stopper or starter Xmas morning I’m sure 🙂

Margaret Nolan – Amongst The Dunes! (1964)

Margaret Nolan laying in the sand dunes by Harrison Marks and taken from his hardback book She Walks in Beauty, P104 (1964). A beautiful shot in the sand and a great smile from Margaret 🙂

Rita Landre – Nothing But Fur! (1959)

Pamela Green posing as Rita Landre with nothing but a white fur coat for cover! Taken by Harrison Marks and published in the 1959 hardback book, P54 ‘Pamela – A Portrait in 58 Studies’, a beautiful shot of Rita with a quizzical look on her face.