Toni Rees by Harrison Marks

I’ve had this shot of an unknown model in unknown models for ages and up until now didn’t have a name for the face and body. Thanks to Jeff she’s now been identified as Toni Rees, a girl from down under that also appeared in 66 magazine and Spick & Span. Thanks to Jeff for the identification and another model named 🙂

Dawn’s Cheeky View (Original)

I actually saw a copy of this shot from Kevin and liked it so much I bought the negative off him to add to my growing Dawn Grayson collection.  I love this cheeky little shot a lot, not only because it’s Dawn, but also for it’s eroticism. There is something quite appealing and erotic in the way Dawn is leant over the bed with her tights pulled partially down to reveal her bum as she looks back at the camera! It’s almost an inviting look from Dawn, knowing where your looking and what you want to do, love it!
It would have been interesting to see this shot in colour as I’ve seen others and know for example that the tights are pink! I also have shots of Dawn posing on the same bed but in different outfits 🙂

Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.


A Classy Rear View! (Original)

A shot of Jackie Lippiatt bending over a chaise lounge and showing off her wonderful figure and rear view on a Victorian set complete with umbrella! Taken in the 1970’s by Terry Sparks and sent over to me when I was doing my rear view posts one day, but I never got round to posting it. Thankfully it’s too good a shot to leave unpublished, so share this classy rear view for all to enjoy now and thanks to Terry for sharing.