Billy Jo Wellman – Letting Them Out For Air!

The busty US model from the 1970’s Billy Jo Wellman by Howard Roark from another set of contact sheets. She’s definitely exposing those big beauties to the outside and giving them a good airing in this shot 😉

Not So little Red Riding Hood!

Julie Park (Vella) from my huge collection of Howard Roark contact sheets. You can safely say Julie was a big and bountiful girl with plenty on offer for all to see. And underneath that Hood hides some big tits and a big smile 🙂

Legs That Go All The Way Up!

Just some random rear view from my collection of 1970’s images, possibly French. A great rear shot and those long legs go all the way up to a very nice view of that ass and pussy. A very inviting pose if a little more obvious than my other posts, just mixing things up a bit.

Pam Through the Ages


Continuing the model of the week with Pamela Green, today we have a later image. This shot of a maturing Pam was taken in 1973 at the age of 44 by Douglas Webb. It appears in The Pamela Green Nude Posing guide No.4 as pose No.357. This was the fourth and last posing guide produced by Pam and Douglas between 1970 and 73 and allowed people to purchase 10 by 8 prints of all the poses of Pam (£1 for 3 or 4 prints).

There are some truly stunning images throughout and as you can see her body looks as good as ever, even at 44. One obvious difference was as she got older she let things grow naturally down below. Whereas in her younger days she kept things very smooth to help with censoring.


Image taken by Douglas Webb and copyright remains with The Pamela Green website

Bounce with Sylvia

A shot of Sylvia McFarlane from my vast collection of contact sheets of her from 1976. This shot shows off all her assets to great effect and leaves nothing to the imagination.

You may think the title refers to her two biggest assets, but actually it refers to a publication that this and other similar shots were published. Sylvia appeared in numerous publications dedicated to big breasted women and one was subtly titled ‘Bounce – Real Life Experiences of Big Breasted Women’. She appeared on the cover and in the pages of Bounce No.2 (1976) under the name Frieda Manela from Kingston, Jamaica with a 48″ bust!

You definitely get a full view of that big bust in this shot and also that thick dark pussy, if you enjoy such things 😉