Diane Webber Coloured

A classic pose from Diane Webber in a chair With the original black and white shot coloured by Oldiznewagain from over on Tumblr.  I’m not a big fan of originals being colour as they can look messy and badly coloured, but oldiznewagain does a fantastic job that doesn’t detract from the original, so go take a look at his wonderful work!

Kamera Backstage – A Unique Collection!

In 1959 Harrison Marks produced a one-off, 96 page, pocket book titled ‘Kamera Backstage’. It offered a look behind the scenes and included some more casual shots including 20 pages of colour.

 Kamera Backstage Cover Featuring Pamela Green, Madeleine Mado & Mary Deighan

Pamela Green, Madeleine Mado & Mary Deighan Getting Ready & Enjoying a Relaxing Cuppa!

 Pamela Green, Madeleine Mado & Mary Deighan Backstage & Posing
Erica P Backstage

*Note: Some of these images aren’t from the Kamera Backstage Special, but were shot at the same time and used in other publications.