June Palmer – Masterpiece of Precision

June Palmer from the pages of Carnival Magazine (March, 1967)
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  1. I just love those corny, laboured &quot;Parade&quot; and &quot;Carnival&quot; captions – relics of quite different times and now possessing a kind of quaint charm. The caption-writer missed the obvious line about June&#39;s &quot;timeless good-looks&quot; or how &quot;Lovely June Palmer likes to relax and unwind&quot; etc etc. – perhaps he thought enough was enough!<br />Alexei <br /><br />

  2. her visible breast seems to be defying the laws of gravity! Surely they were never that &#39;pert&#39;?<br /><br /> roop

  3. oh yes, ha ha, I couldn&#39;t see it! I thought that diagonal line above her breast was a crease in the paper! Must look more closely at the these pictures . . .<br /><br /> roop

  4. I do miss June. Hope she can feel my and millions of other men always admiring her soft appearance.

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