A Medley of Models

Here’s a new one to me from the pages of Mayfair Magazine Vol.1 No.4 (December 1966) a line up of well know 1960’s models. Unless I am mistaken from left to right we have Lee Southern (Grace Jackson), Dawn Grayson, Teri Martine, Unknown, Bobby Shaw and finally Annette Johnson. Sorry I can’t place the lovely in red, but she looks familiar, but not a regular on here, anyone put me out of my misery and name her?
Thanks must go to Dasduffer over on VEF for scanning and sharing this, along with some new Dawn Grayson and Teri Martine material from early Mayfair issues, which I hope to share here soon.
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  1. Not at the normal viewing, but zoom in and it maybe looks like an older Ann Walker.

  2. Another thought, if the was in Mayfair then the original pic will have the model names. I subscribed to this magazine for years and don't ever recall an anonymous posting in this or any other magazine.

  3. On another note wasn't Lee Southern a tall bird compared to the rest of them!

  4. I worry about myself. I have become fascinated by the piece of wood in this picture. What's holding it up? It's not the girls; they are simply touching it. But I can't see any support – for the plank, not the girls who have plenty of natural support. Is it Sellotaped to their middles? Bloody photographers. Oh yes, the models: they're fine, more than fine in fact. But what's

  5. Tentatively I would identify the sixth girl as Gina van Delle.<br /><br />Dasduffer has provided a fascinating image, but it must be a fake. Here are the problems:<br /><br />1) Grace Jackson would have finished modelling about 1963. Teri Martine didn&#39;t start until 1965. If the sixth girl is indeed Gina the discrepancy is even worse.<br />2) The thighs just don&#39;t fit with the bodies above

    • I never considered it to be a fake, but now looking back at it I can see what you mean Portland. The lighting can be achieved and the shadows off the models do look real, especially if you look at Grace Jacksons hand on Dawn Grayson. The legs do look wrong, so maybe only the top part is real? This was from the Mayfair magazine and the original was a double page spread and I removed the join,

    • If what I wrote might be taken as implying that Dasduffer faked the photo, I can confirm that this was not my intention. Thanks for clarifying this issue.

    • I wasn&#39;t implying that either as I think if it was faked it was done at the time this magazine was published. I know that Dawn, Teri and Annette worked and travelled together along with Gloria Lomax in the late 1960&#39;s, just the other two don&#39;t seem to fit. As you say id they were all together you would expect to have seen other shots from this shoot, which I haven&#39;t as I was

  6. interesting comments re the fake issue. Having looked closer again all the bottom halves of the models are completely disproportionate to the tops

  7. Was there any further feedback to the lady in red ?

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