It sounds very fancy, but the website is now accepting registrations for users to become members. So what does that mean and what does becoming a member of this site offer over and above what you see now. Well all posts will still be available to all, but from now:

  • Members will see larger images on all posts when logged in, whereas non non-members will see much smaller versions.
  • Additional image galleries for members only (3 available now with more to come)
  • No additional checks when commenting on posts.
  • More things to come …

It’s not much to start but there are plans to add more content over the coming weeks and what do you expect for free! Yes, It will cost you nothing at the moment to become a member, other than your time to sign-up.

You can register here now!

Please note by signing up as a member you agree to follow the copyright details linked here. Failure to do so will immediately terminate your membership and get you added to a blacklist for the whole site.

Once registered you can then login from the right hand menu, where you can also reset your password should you forget it! Enjoy the site and let me know what you think by leaving comments or sending me a message from the contact page

P.S. Sorry about some of the awful colours on the registration acceptance messages, I’m trying to sort it!



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