It sounds very fancy, but you can become a member of the site. So what does that mean and what does becoming a member of this site offer over and above what you see now. Well all posts will still be available to all, but members will:

  • See larger images on all posts when logged in, whereas non non-members will see much smaller watermarked versions.
  • Exclusive content not seen by non-members, such as additional image galleries
  • No additional checks when commenting on posts.
  • A collection of video’s by Harrison Marks, June Palmer and more.
  • The more explicit content that Marks produced later in his career.

Membership is now subject to a one off membership charge of £25. Instructions to become a member:

  • Use the donate button on the top right of the menu to send me the £25 fee.
  • Once the fee has been received I will then send you a link to your email used in the Paypal donation to a form to complete your membership registration.
  • Once completed and submitted you will then have full access as a member of the site.

Please note by signing up as a member you agree to follow the copyright details linked here. Failure to do so will immediately terminate your membership and get you added to a blacklist for the whole site.

Enjoy the site and let me know what you think by leaving comments or sending me a message from the contact page



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