A Change in Approach

I’ve decided to do a quick review of the site and also a change in approach in the way I post content going forward. The site has now be running since March 2013 and currently has over 4600 images posted for everyone to enjoy. When I started nearly 7 years ago my content was mostly images from magazines or the internet and the quality varied considerably. Now I own over 50,000 images from original magazines or negatives and the content posted to the site is 90% original and high quality!

In that time the site has grown from strength to strength and grown a solid base of followers and members. All of which contribute and support the site in their own way, be it information, comments and new content. 5 years ago I started allowing membership to the site, which at the time was free and allowed anyone that signed up to see larger un-watermarked images. Now I charge a modest one off fee for membership that keeps things ticking along and supports the site. I make no money from the site at all, but that was never my intention as all funds go on keeping the site running and new content.

Now the change! Going forward more of my content is going to be for members only with less posts being public. Everyone will still see the standard glamour topless images we all love, but anything unretouched, uncensored and films will be for members. You’ll still get teases of what I’m posting, but members will get to see everything! I don’t charge a lot for this and at a £30 one off fee it’s cheap at less than £2.50 a month for the first year or 8 pence a day! If you look at other sites with far less quality content they charge upwards for £5-£20 per month for a lot less, so your getting in my eyes a bargain!

I hope everyone understands and appreciates this small change? As always thanks to everyone that has supported the site and me over the years 🙂

Membership Changes!

So here we are yet again! Thanks to people who think it’s OK to log on to the site and take multiple images and post them to other sites to boost their own ego I’m having to re-evaluate who can access what on the site. I don’t mind people using the original images on this site, if they ask and credit the site, but to just blatantly take images by bulk, remove watermarks and post elsewhere is just unacceptable and damned rude! I know once images are out there on the net it’s hard to control them, but some people just take the piss!

Therefore, with immediate effect membership is restricted and will be subject to approval and a one off subscription charge of  £30. I will also be making much more content members only going forward with less of the original content available publically.

To the existing members, contributors, donors and friends, firstly sorry I’ve had to do this as I value all your input, knowledge and images you send for the site. I know who you are and your membership is valued and will continue without restriction and you should be able to log into the site as normal. Other members will also continue to have access for the time being, but at the end of April I will be removing members that aren’t active on the site and they will have to register again and be subject to the subscription charge. Can I ask that all members that want to continue having access please login at least once in the next few weeks please?

Again I’m really sorry to do this, but a small majority have ruined it for all the genuine supporters and fans out there, but I hope you understand the position I’m taking. Any issues or questions, either leave a comment below or contact me via the contact page.

Thanks again for all the support of the site.


Kamera Club Membership Update

A note to all current members and non members thinking of signing up to become a member:

By signing up as a member you agree to follow the copyright & disclaimer details linked here. Failure to do so will immediately terminate your membership and get you added to a blacklist and banned from the whole site. It’s not much to ask and 99% of you appreciate the site and it’s content, but failure to follow these simple rules will get you blocked!