Fiesta Spring Special 1957 – Front & Back Covers

I recently acquired a very good condition copy of Fiesta Spring Special 1957 from eBay and I’m slowly starting to scan and edit the pages.  There are some great photo sets from some vintage photographers, so I’ll share those as I scan them.  To start here are the front and back covers inside and out … Enjoy!

Fiesta Spring Special Front Cover & Inside Front Cover
Back Cover (Maxine From Harrison Marks) & Inside Back Cover

Here She Comes – HM Glamour Advert Featuring Pamela Green

I was recently fortunate enough to acquire a copy of Fiesta Spring Special 1957 magazineOn flicking through the pages I was pleased to see several photo sets by HM and this fascinating advert on the back pages.

As you can see it features Pamela Green, but also offers the reader ‘A new series of figure and pin-up studies.  Photographed in revolutionary 3D giving 100% added depth and brilliance’  I’m not sure I’ve come across any such photo’s but would love to see some if anyone has copies?  Anyway still a fascinating insight into a magazine and adverts from over 50 years ago!

Marie Deveraux

One of the earliest and most honoured of Harrison Mark’s models. Marie Deveraux seems to have enjoyed a short but highly successful career. According to Marks, she quit the business after getting a job as a stand in for the film and went back to America with the film crew when the shooting was complete.  She appeared in no less than 70 films during the 1950’s and 1960’s including, Brides of Dracula, The Strangers of Bombay, Carry on Cabby, The Rebel and of course as a stand in for Liz Taylor in Cleopatra, which led to her making an appearance for Playboy!

Her modelling career seems to have been very short lived and worked for HM from 1957 to 1960. Rumour has it that Marie was introduced to Harrison Marks by a struggling young actor – Michael Caine!

Real Name: Pat Sutcliffe
Date of Birth: 1938
Modelling Aliases:
Marie Deveraux (Given to Her by HM)
Measurements: 38-2436  Height: 5’6″
Eye Colour: 
Hair Colour (Natural): Brunette
Hair Colour (Dyed): None.

Marie Deveraux Images

Collection of Harrison Marks Pictures No 3. 
Harrison Marks Kamera Glamour Guide No.1
Carnival Summer Special 1956 – ‘Stella & Della’ as Stella by Russell Gay

Carnival Autumn Special 1956 – @Stella & Della in The Woods’ as ‘Stella’ by Russell Gay
Carnival Christmas Special 1956 – as ‘Stella’ by Russell Gay 
Carnival Vol 3 No 2 (February 1957)- as ‘Stella’ 

Carnival Vol 3 No 3 (March 1957) – ‘Stella & Della, She Who Laughs Last!’
Fiesta Vol 2 No 10 (October 1957) 
Just Marie Deveraux (Harrison Marks reprints)
Kamera No.2 (Cover), 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 (Cover), 13, 14, 18, 24 (Cover), 25, 27, 41, 42, 43 & Kamera No.65 (Cover)
Kamera Classics No.1 (Harrison Marks reprints)
Kamera Special No.2
La Femme No.1
Photo Studio No.2 & No.3
Solo No.8

The Stranglers of Bombay – 1960 (Hammer)
The Mark
The Naked Kiss – 1964

Girls at Sea
I Only Asked
Brides of Dracula
Life is a Circus
Carry on Cabby
The Monk
The Singer and the Song
The Rebel
Call Me Genius
His & Hers
A Weekend With Lulu
Hot Money Girl
Cleopatra – Stand in for Liz Taylor 

Other Publications: 
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