Kamera No.31 Through To No.60 (1960 – 1964)

Kamera No.31
(Mary Deighan, Pamela Green
and Jean Spaul)

Kamera No.32
(Rona Scott)

Kamera No.33
(Virginia Green)

Kamera No.34
(Paula Page)

Kamera No.35
(Rita Landre)

Kamera No.36

Kamera No.37
(Avra Bennett)

Kamera No.38
(Pamela Green)

Kamera No.39
(Lorraine Burnett)

Kamera No.40
(Princess Sonmar Kendriks)

Kamera No.41
(Madeleine Mills)

Kamera No.42
(Bea Bea Chu-Chu)

Kamera No.43
(Jackie Salt)

Kamera No.44
Jackie Salt, Angela Jones
& Petrina Forsythe

Kamera No.45
Jackie Salt & Angela Jones)

Kamera No.46
Bridget Leonard)

Kamera No.47
(Tina Graham

Kamera No.48

Kamera No.49
Ann Walker)

Kamera No.50
Margaret Nolan &
Maria Clarence

Kamera No.51 (Vivienne Warren)


Kamera No.5
(Angela Jones)

Kamera No.5
(Maureen Tavenbeck)

Kamera No.5
(Jayne Tracy)

Kamera No.5
(Rusty Gaynor)

Kamera No.5
(Frankie Young)

Kamera No.5
(Vera Novak)

Kamera No.5
(Annette Johnson)

Kamera No.5
(Dawn Grayson)

Kamera No.60 
(Molly Peters)

Naked As Nature Intended Poster

‘Naked’ – As Nature Intended Film Poster (1961)
A International poster for the Harrison Marks 35mm film that lasted an hour and starred Pamela Green, Jackie Salt Angela Jones and others.  Love the fact the poster includes the vital statistics of all the girls.  A full description of the film and more can be found over on the official Pamela Green Website

Nus Francais Magazine – The Best Studies From France

Nus Francais No.1

Nus Francais No.2

Nus Francais No.3

Nus Francais No.4

Nus Francais No.6

Around 1961 Harrison Marks created another distribution company called Gaffinia Publications.  This company also produced a series of 32 page, Kamera Style booklets featuring the work of three well known French photographers and included the title ‘Nus Francais’.