Cleo Simmons

Mirror Shot from Carnival (December, 1966)

Another model I’ve been very remiss with and overlooked, but I don’t know why as she has two of my favourite attributes (well three really!). I love blondes with big tits and Cleo ticks those boxes for me!

She came to prominence in 1965 when noticed by GHM whilst auditioning for ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ and went on to appear in Kamera No.70 and Solo No.48 (below) and appear on the cover of Femme No.9 (below).  She also appears in the 1967 Kamera Calendar for June.  She also makes several magazine appearances in the late 1960’s sporting long dark hair (wig?)

Gloria Lomax

I had the pleasure yesterday of being contacted via this site by none other than Gloria Lomax herself!  She contacted me via the comments on the ‘Who was Doris Weems‘ page.  She worked with Doris in the 1960’s and along with Annette Johnson had been photographed by Doris down in Wales amongst the sand dunes!

Having made further contact it transpires that she worked for GHM, Russell Gay and Ed Alexander to name a few during the 1960’s. She used to commute from Luton to London on a daily basis for work and used to often take the train along with Dawn Grayson.  What a wonderful titbit of information!

Gloria, many thanks for getting in touch via the site and I look forward to speaking to you again, especially around your time with Doris and Dawn.