Ann Day – An Even Bigger Set! (Coloured)

I love it when I get sent coloured versions of my negatives from other fans. This is a great coloured version of Ann Day by Swimmer who is a big fan of both Ann and Paula Page, I see a theme there ๐Ÿ˜‰

The original black and white version from 2015 is here for comparison and a big thank you to swimmer for sharing his work.

Ann Day – Offering Them Up!

The buxom Ann Day offering up her rather voluptuous tits as she kneels on the floor at Jason Studio’s. I have a mixture of black and white and colour negatives from this set all 35mm, but the B&W ones seem to have survived slightly better. Either way you see plenty of Ann’s big tits!

Jill’s Bathroom Bush!

Jill from Kamera No.87 P47 (1968) posing in front of a familiar mirror in the bathroom.  I’ve posted this image before but this comes direct from the negative and much better than the censored version in Kamera No.87. A fabulous double exposure in the bathroom ๐Ÿ™‚

Cover Girl No.24 – Front & Rear

Continuing from my collection of Cover Girl. The front and (rear cover for members) of Cover Girl No.24 from 1968. I love the concept of a front view on the main cover and a rear view on the back. I think I prefer the rear view of this edition, as you get a great view of the modelโ€™s great arse as she leans over a very retro style chair.

A nice uncensored view on the front cover too that no doubt caught the eye of potential European buyers.

Some will say that this type of magazine and post isn’t for them, which I totally get. For me it’s about capturing and revisiting a magazine that’s disappearing fast in today’s world. These magazines are over 50 years old now and printed versions are becoming rare. Take into account that these type of magazines are also disappearing because they are seen as not acceptable by certain groups in society today. It makes it even more important to capture and celebrate these magazines, the models in all their fabulous glory and the photographers that pushed the boundaries back in the 1960’s. Sometimes it just seems like we are going backwards in our views and everything needs to be censored in case it offends one group or another!

I say just enjoy it for what it is in your mind and if not just move along ๐Ÿ™‚

Anna Verdi – Chaise Lounge Beauty

The beautiful frame of Anna Verdi posing for Harrison Marks. From a set of images of Anna posing around what seems to be an ornate living room set including chaise lounge. An elegant pose of Anna naked and showing her slimline figure as she kneels on the chaise lounge.