Who Was Doris Weems?

Back in June I published an article from Caper Magazine on ‘Ewhurst Manor’ and the owners, but noticed that the first page seemed to be missing.  I’ve been on the hunt for it and finally a few weeks ago found a full version of Caper Vol.9 No.4 from July 1963, which included the full article, result! I now have the first page, which is included below, but it got me thinking, who is the woman taking the photo?
Sad as it may sound I was able to identify Jayne Tracey from the rear view, but the woman taking the photo in this shot made me curious.  She also partly appears in a second shot from the same article, again with JT modelling.
Having dug around I found a further two photographs that appear to be taken at the same time at Ewhurst, but this time in colour.
With these two photographs was a name … Doris Weems, which is new to meI’ve tried to find out more about her, but as of yet come up blank.  So, who was Doris Weems and what was her relationship to Harrison Marks or to Ewhurst itself?
If anyone can shed some further light on this question please do let me know?


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  1. Hi Wonder,<br /><br />Sorry, but I cannot help you with any information regarding Doris. However there is a Yahoo group devoted to Ewhurst. It has been very quite of late, but there were some very knowledgeable people who used to post there. Maybe one of them could help you.<br /><br />http://groups.yahoo.com/group/60sglam-Ewhurst/<br /><br />Cheers,<br /><br />Ozprof

  2. Although female glamour photographers were rare, they were not enirely unknown – Bunny Yeager in the U.S. and Eva Grant in the U.K. in the &#39;Fifties and early &#39;Sixties. The latter, not only contributed to various magazines etc. but published her own magazine, &quot;Line and Form&quot;, which was one of the ubiquitous &quot;pocket&quot; or &quot;digest&quot; sized publications, of which

    • Alexei,<br /><br />Thank you and as knowledgeable and informative as always, so please do keep contributing as I always enjoy you input. Ewhurst was used by many as you have said, even TV companies used the location for filming, so it&#39;s seems the Cliffords had a busy and lucrative business going, with the place in constant use. We may never really know who Doris Weems was, but someone knew

    • Standing outside Ewhurst&#39;s front door and facing it, the cottage lies off to our left and further to our left (beyond the cottage, but adjoining it) is a kind of patio area fronted by metal gates. Further yet to our left, there is an entrance driveway leading to and from Furzehill Road.<br />In the second, third and fourth shots of Doris Weems photographing Jayne Tracey, DW stands facing this

    • Alexei, <br /><br />Thanks for the Ewhurst description and fits what can be seen in other photographs outside Ewhurst especially the few I&#39;ve seen taken on the front lawn looking towards the house and cottage. All of this is slowly build up a picture of the place, It&#39;s just a shame there are no real plans of the place, just guess work based on photo&#39;s and people&#39;s knowledge.<br /

  3. I was Gloria Lomax and I worked for Doris Weems a lot she lived in Watford and she took Annette Johnson and myself to wales in the sixties to photograph us in the sanddunes


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