Sue Owen – Deep in the Undergrowth!

A dark haired Sue Owen posing down by the waterside from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 and all sorts of titles came to mind with this shot, all bush related 🙂 Not sure of the location, but as many of the shots are at Ewhurst it could be somewhere down by the pond, but that looks to be running water, so maybe not?

Sue Owen – Kamera Calendar, August 1966

It’s the August page of the 1966 Kamera Calendar, so it must be time to head down to the beach for a spot of sunbathing! I bet you never saw this view very often on the Cornwall beaches in 1966, but Sue Owen’s pert little tits and nice round bum would make a trip to the beach much more fun than sandcastle building.

Sue Owen – Pussy Teasing!

A shot of dark haired Sue Owen from the back page of Glamorous Girls No.2 (Mid 1960’s) teasing a couple of cats in Harrison Marks flat. This is a digest size, 58 page magazine featuring 16 full colour plates and numerous black and white shots from GHM.  Models range from early Marie Deveraux through to Vivienne Warren and I would guess they are reprints from Kamera etc.