Introducing Mrs Hidden Desires

I’ve not really posted in the ‘readers wives’ section for a long time now, but sometimes you come across someone that takes your breath away that’s just worth showing off. Introducing Mrs Hidden Desires, although looking through her gallery below there’s no introduction required but plenty that’s hard!

I came cross Mrs HD over on twitter via a mutual friend of the site and was instantly in lust. A stunning beauty with a body to die for with curves in all the right places that loves to show off and more especially in stockings and heels. Add in a husband that loves photography and showing off Mrs HD in all her magnificence and I just had to share her here. Several of her images have a vintage feel to them, so another perfect fit for me. Plus did I mention that body, arse and smooth pussy 😉

A big thank you to both Mr & Mrs HD for allowing me to share Mrs HD, but who wouldn’t want to share her! If you love what you see please show your appreciation and you can find her on Twitter and Onlyfans if you want to see more!

Dazzling Dawn


The dazzling Dawn Grayson posing in just tights and a pair a diamond heels in the garden. This comes from a set of Dawn posing in and out of a house and garden in those  sparky shoes. As always perfectly posed by Dawn and looking effortless in what she does. 

Nicky Stevens – Boots on the Bed!


Today’s shot from model of the week Nicky Stevens. This time a topless view of her as she stands on the bed in stockings, panties and a white boot! This is from a medium format negative in my collection, but photographer is unknown, but the location is a bedroom at Ewhurst. That bed is well known and appears in numerous photo’s of models and I have no doubt it was well used as well.

No idea why Nicky only has one boot off, as this is the only shot from this set. She’s either doing a strip and taking it off or putting it on. Either way my mum would have killed her for standing on the bed in boots! Mind you that would be the least of my worries if my mum walked in and found Nicky like that on my bed 🙂

Legs That Go All The Way Up!

Just some random rear view from my collection of 1970’s images, possibly French. A great rear shot and those long legs go all the way up to a very nice view of that ass and pussy. A very inviting pose if a little more obvious than my other posts, just mixing things up a bit.