Diane Hedges or Is It Diane Clare?

A wonderful shot of Diane Hedges from Square Magazine by Roger Davis laying on the floor showing off her maple bosom! The shot is actually aligned this way in the magazine and does seem to work better this way up. The official GHM website states that Diane Hedges is Diane Clare, but with short hair although I’m not convinced as all the shots of DC she has a beauty spot, but I’ve been wrong before.

As Diane Hedges she only appeared for GHM in Kamera No.8 (Cover), the original first issue of Femme and one shot in Kamera Special No.1

No Disguising It, Those Belong to Ann Austin

Ann Austin wearing a short light wig, but you can’t mistake the look, figure or the bosom! From the pages of Square No.1 (1960) by Roger Davis. I counted 10 images of Ann with and without wigs in this magazine I’ve never seen before, so great little find.

Lorraine Burnett – Square Magazine Cover

Lorraine Burnett in a long blonde wig with purple panties and pink gloves on the cover of Square Magazine (1960).  This was a collection of photo’s by Roger Davis published by Rosalinda and includes images of Lorraine and other models, but several images of Ann Austin, some of which I’ve never seen before!