Les Play!


Over the years I’ve collected no end of stuff including a vast collection of original contact sheets, in fact I have 1000’s of them! The collection is huge and varied from many photographers and models posing individually. Amongst them I also managed to get a random selection of other types of shot, such as European naturist shots, couples and lesbian shots both soft and hardcore.

The above is an example of some of the lesbian content with these two beauties having a play with each other involving a few toys! Not to everyone’s taste, but it’s always good to have a bit of variety! I have over 90 images of these two in various poses, so I might post them on the site somewhere for those that wish to view further? These still have an artistic quality to them rather than outright explicit, but still on the more risqué side. 

Enjoy a bit of duo action and let me know if you’d like to see more from this collection and members will see an extra shot 😉

Jill’s Bathroom Bush!

Jill from Kamera No.87 P47 (1968) posing in front of a familiar mirror in the bathroom.  I’ve posted this image before but this comes direct from the negative and much better than the censored version in Kamera No.87. A fabulous double exposure in the bathroom 🙂

A Double Helping of Sylvia

Another shot of Sylvia McFarland stripped off and ready to do a spot of mirror cleaning! With the reflection we get a double helping of Sylvia’s massive tits and full thick pussy from as many angles as possible.

I have a set of 10 shots from this set, but they all follow the same formula, Sylvia posing naked in front of the mirror, spraying the Windex over the mirror and herself and those big tits. I think she may run out of Windex before covering those monsters!

Maria in the Mirror

A reflective shot of Maria Clarence showing off her freckles in the mirror. Not just her freckles but her fabulous tits and very small nipples as well 🙂

This comes from an early set I acquired of Maria several years ago of around 40+ shots. All feature Maria posing around someone’s house in different rooms and attire. All tastefully done and mostly topless of nudes with hands or props obscuring anything down below!

Diane Hedges – A Flash of Pink!

A reflective shot of Diane Hedges by Harrison Marks from a restored 35mm Pamar Slide. Not a very colourful shot apart from the flashes of pink from her nipples and the curtains, plus the red nail polish. Still gives you a very good view of Diane’s figure though 🙂