Xmas Cracker – Rosanna Garnon

Today’s Xmas Cracker comes from yet again the ‘Kamera Winter Special’, but the model today is unknown to me, but definitely a cracker with those tits! She appears several times in different poses on the festive set within the magazine, but can’t say I recognise her and that may be a blonde wig. 

Anyone know who she was and another one to add to the unknown model list!

Update: The model has now been identified as Rosa or Rosanna Garnon. Thanks to Portland for the ID and some great scans of her!

Xmas Cracker – Mary Stephan

Today’s Xmas Cracker is Mary Stephan (Caroline Coon in a blonde wig) attempting to ‘feel up’ Santa! from the Kamera Winter Special (1967).  Santa is actually played by Harrison Marks himself on the cover and in some shots, but I’m unsure if this is one of them.  The gown also looks like the gown used by Monique Devereux and others from other shoots.

Thanks to Simon for sending through the great scans of this special!

Xmas Cracker – Rosalie Peters (3)

I seem to have more images of Rosalie Peters on the festive set by Harrison Marks than any other model apart from Dawn Grayson for some reason!  So a slightly different cracker today, in that it’s a magazine cover for Duke Magazine (February, 1968).  Still obviously taken by GHM, but sold on for use in one of the many Men’s magazines of the time!

Xmas Cracker – Just June

Well not a cracker in itself more an early Xmas present, as the sister site to The Kamera Club exclusively for June Palmer is now live!  Just June will now host all of my June Palmer content in it’s own easy to use site.  Here you will now find all things June, including:

  • Original never before published June Images 
  • Original June Images & Videos taken by our very own John W
  • Image galleries and sets
  • Filmography
  • New content with regular updates and much more!

All links on here will now point to the new June site, so update your bookmarks and enjoy … Just June. Oh and do let me know what you think?



Xmas Cracker – Dawn Grayson (2)

A wonderful festive shot of Dawn Grayson as today’s Xmas Cracker, posing on the festive set again and looking as stunning as ever as she poses with the familiar fur coat.  This comes from the Kamera Winter Special (1967)