Erica’s Bosom Pal!(Original)

Erica and a very friendly cat getting an up close and personal view of her big tits, lucky cat!  This is an original image of Erica from this set of photo’s of her posing with GHM’s cats in his Flat during the festive season.


Monique Devereux – How Much Pussy in One Shot? (1969)

An uncensored view of Monique Devereux from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) giving us a great view of her figure and bush.  What’s with all the pussy on the radiogram? Must have been taken in Harrison Marks Flat 🙂

Sue Owen – Pussy Teasing!

A shot of dark haired Sue Owen from the back page of Glamorous Girls No.2 (Mid 1960’s) teasing a couple of cats in Harrison Marks flat. This is a digest size, 58 page magazine featuring 16 full colour plates and numerous black and white shots from GHM.  Models range from early Marie Deveraux through to Vivienne Warren and I would guess they are reprints from Kamera etc.

Xmas Cracker – Erica (2)

The final Xmas Cracker for this year comes in the form of Erica.  Once again posing in GHM’s flat with Xmas cards scattered across the floor and more ceramic cats in the background! This comes from page 22 of the Kamera Winter Special (1967) again!