Kamera Calendar – 1967 (Jan – June)

Another fabulous find, this time the first six months of the 1967 Harrison Marks/Kamera calendar all in high resolution.  If you thought the works of Harrison Marks especially Kamera were hard to find in good condition, then the calendars are like finding rocking horse shit, excuse the phrase! I think this is another first as I don’t recall seeing a copy of this particular year’s calendar online anywhere.

Thanks must go to Simon for scanning the original from his collection and sending them to me to work my magic. So without further ado …

January – Annette Johnson (Dark Wig)

February – Suzi Khan (Sue Owen)

March – Marie Claire

April – Vera Novak

May – Jutka Goz

June – Cleo Simmons

My favourite must be Vera Novak on the well used Egyptian set with her distinctive make-up. Cleo looks to be in the hall of Ewhurst, as potentially could Jutka in the bedroom. Marie Claire is another of those models that was initially hard to identify as was not a commonly used by GHM.

Thankfully Simon has already sent the last 6 months of 1967, so I just need to wave my magic editing wand before I publish them. So as they say for any great two parter … To Be Continued! 

Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this. Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to these originals if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder
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  1. A great series of calendars. I still have my 1964 and 1966-69 issues. I don't know what happened to my 1965. I hear that GHM did cat calendars as well, and there is a story that a bishop ordered a cat calendar and received a pinup one instead. He complained, and got his cat calendar by return of post – but he never returned the pinup calendar. I have never seen one of his cat calendars, but I

    • Thanks John,<br /><br />I knew GHM loved cats and two of his appear in several shots with models including a couple with Erica that I&#39;ve published on here.<br /><br />You shouldn&#39;t have said you had the 1964 calendar I&#39;ll be asking you to scan a copy and send it to me :)<br /><br />Wonder

  2. Terrific to see these old calendars. hats off to the original scanners who are willing to share and to you for hosting them.

    • Thanks Ozprof and due to the shape of the calendar they had to be part scanned and stitched together. Thankfully they were scanned at very high resolution, so I could work my magic and thanks to my contact for providing them. Plenty more years to find and work through yet and always on the lookout for other years as the calendars are a favourite of mine


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